Fan Service

Flattery will get you everywhere with most people who challenge themselves to physical feats, but it is nothing to the schmooze you can generate by adoring our cats.

So when Aileen made this comment on the last post, how could I do anything but showcase the manly Torvald, who has previously been compared to George Clooney, Bill Clinton, and the John Candy character in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles…” ?

(It’s not about the feet — though Torvald has huge paws — it’s just his unselfconscious, larger-than-life assumption that everyone is delighted to have him in their face, under their feet and up on their keyboard.)

Nothing profound here, folks. Just fan service. People who don’t go all wobbly over cats don’t have to say nuthin’.


7 thoughts on “Fan Service

    • And an UTTERLY guileless personality. Tried presenting him to Mr. Ferguson again today. Fergie growled nonstop, trembling and registering defensiveness and dread. Torvald plopped down on his side, then his back, stretching and exposing his undercarriage He kept offering to sniff Fergie’s hindquarters. Fergie just won’t relent. I’m stumped.

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