Eatin’ Your Food, Touchin’ Your Stuff (2)

Today was a splendid day, and Torvald sauntered out on the porch for a sun bath under glass. It seemed just the time to let the home team get another exposure to his scent and premises and the heady experience of raiding his food dish, which seems to create a certain serene smugness among them.

Yeah, it’s still a glacial process, whose small victories involve Mr. Ferguson forbearing to run away from the cellar door when I slip through it, and batting a ball against the door crevice for Torvald to bat back. After getting bitten once and seeing the two of them roll down the staircase like an old Warner Brothers cartoon, I’m letting them call the pace.

Fergie circled the water dish to sip from all sides, wanting to make a thorough imprint on Torvald’s quarters. I don’t think Torvald really noticed anything.

Still, I gave him an extra vigorous session with Bird On A Stick, his very favoritest toy, whose survival in the face of four months of ruthless abuse is nothing short of uncanny. You will notice that he does not just bat at Bird On A Stick. He snaps and gapes. That is a mouth full of serious chompers, and I am not getting any closer to it than I can help when he is in a fractious mood.


5 thoughts on “Eatin’ Your Food, Touchin’ Your Stuff (2)

  1. Aw, we also have a couple birds onna stick. Had to hide them as Spot loved them so much he would scream for playtime every day. And he stole them and chewed the hell out of them, and he was so violent the sticks always broke…

    • It’s awesome, as a LOLcat would say. Torvald loves to sleep on the top. It was sold to me mail order by a company in New Jersey which appears to be a Turkish-American family business, and features a special page on its website about the Turkish Van Cat. Other pages have delicious headings such as “Advices toward people with cats.” All good information, too.

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