Another Kind Of Sled

It’s been ten days. I don’t know why this clip hasn’t gone wildly viral (as of today, February first, it only shows views in the four figures), but I got it from one of my gym buddies.

First it was “only humans have a language.” Then it was “only humans make tools.” We are really going to have to lose a little of our arrogance.

It looks like he’s made himself a snowboard out of a coffee tin lid or the top of an oversize pickle jar.


3 thoughts on “Another Kind Of Sled

  1. Love it! That’s a hooded crow, we have them here, too. Have you seen the video(s) of crows using the red light to fly down and put a nut in front do the cars, let the cars smash it, then going back down at the next red light to eat the goodies? Amazing.
    In Akron they have rescued crows at the zoo that someone treated evilly – they split their tongues. And that allowed the crows to talk like parrots. Creepy, sad, scary and impressive all at once…

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