Chats du Jour

Upstairs: it is only my bed when they allow me to use it.

Downstairs: it’s not my footstool, either.

(Well, to be fair, it started life as a cat condo, but he’s rather too big for it.)

I guess I’ll go do a few sets of pushups.


10 thoughts on “Chats du Jour

  1. Gatsby has decided that my bed becomes his trampoline at 2AM, so I’ve had to shut him out of my room at night. It’s really scary having a mini-tiger bounce off your head.

    Love the pics!

    • My gentleman friend lives in a house with nine cats, one of whom is a twenty pound yellow-tiger behemoth who chews leisurely on his head at night. Until he is dumped off the bed. Whereupon he comes back for more. “Oops! Sorry, I slipped off!”

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