Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

A comment of Az’s a few posts back reminded me of the way that I wake up, more mornings than not, with a melody running in my head. Sometimes it can be traced to my half-conscious absorption of performances broadcast by the local public radio station. Sometimes not.

This sounds like Mozart or early Beethoven, but Musipedia has no match to offer; the longer I hum it, the more density of orchestration I hear, suggesting a piano concerto or small ensemble rich in delicate counterpoint. I’ve started whistling the damn thing. I can’t believe it came out of my own unconscious head.

Anyone got any ideas?

6 thoughts on “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

  1. Maybe it’s your own song but you just think it’s familiar because it’s coming from a recurring dream that you only visit in your subconsciousness. I hope you can write down all of the orchestral parts and make something with it!!

  2. Do you use Apple? Right now they are running a 12 Days of freebies promotion. It hasn’t started yet, but as an advance ‘gift’ they sent an app that allows you to whistle a tune at it for identification. I’m sure there’s other programs out there that do the same. I can’t read music 😦

  3. I don’t know it but it sounds familiar, redolent of some old British band tune, a phrase plucked from the middle somewhere, and probably rearranged into some thumping Anglican hymn at some point too.

  4. I just played the melody on my button accordion. I don’t recognize yet it has a certain familiarity to me, as if the melody is close but not quite the same as something I I’ve heard along the way.

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