The Fabulous Flying Cat

I had a cat once — Taffy the Terrible of glorious memory — who used to do this. (He had quite a story; some day, I’ll tell it — interruptions in flagrante delicto, midnight abduction, battlefield surgery.)

I swear that cats you have had send other cats to you, with instructions.


10 thoughts on “The Fabulous Flying Cat

  1. Aw, I’ve never had a cat with pink toes! I’ve also never had one that would lie like this. However, my current Siamese is recently channelling my last one by making sure he lobs himself over my arm, ensuring I cannot move. It is a bit odd; the last one learned it from my mom, who has been gone for 14 years. I can hope they pass it on, somehow, but I can’t truly believe it. 🙂

    • My engineer beau says that there are just a certain number of feline characteristics that get remixed. But as you say — people can have all kinds of cats and not have certain traits, and then others get these repeats.

      The toes are incredibly pink and now that he is an indoor kitty, clean and kissable. Yeah, I’m a sap. I kiss their toeses and noses.

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