The film will be directed by Jean-Luc Catard, and feature performances by Jean-Paul Coltello and Jean Seballs.

Actually everything went completely without drama. Torvald is a parfit gentleman of cats, complaining neither on the way to the vet nor the way home, despite the minor yet distinct diminution of his undercarriage. I held out for the vet who said, before neutering Mr. Ferguson in 2007: “It really is a shame to take these off.” I wanted this to be done by someone who respected him.

He has been nomming about every hour on the hour, on miniature servings that I lay out periodically so as to avoid him stuffing himself.

I am relieved, but the real joy is to see that he regards my house as his home now, and, having checked all his favorite places, is happy to be back.


7 thoughts on “Nutless

  1. Wow, not a peep out of him there and back? Lucky you! That’s the worst part about going to the vet’s – the blood curdling howls. Well, that and the bill.

    Glad you are both fine.

  2. It really is a huge relief even if part of my anxiety was irrational. I have seen no sign of his former half-ass keepers coming to look for him, and only one sign of human activity around that house since I took him in, but I would still sit up periodically in a cold sweat, afraid that they would decide to look for him and see him in my window. And then break into my house or push past me when I was coming in the door or call the police and demand the cat back so that they could take him to wherever they were moving and go back to neglecting him. I mean, people are like that. If you expect the worst you are rarely disappointed, so I tend to imagine just how bad things can get and assume that’s what I have to prevent.

    He’s got an ID chip now, put in while he was zoned out on the operating table, and I filled it out with my information and the Engineer’s. Yay.

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