I am unfit for polite society for a lot of reasons. Breaking down in tears a few seconds after switching on the radio, for example.

You read about people at the moment of death, or near death, seeing a white light. I think that what you hear is something like the minute that starts at about 4:16, here.

There are people who like to flippantly call pieces like the Emperor — well known, often played — “war horses.” In the exemplary words of  Robert Graves’ celebrated essay on swearing, I suppose they need their bleedin’ ear-‘oles syringed out.


4 thoughts on “Shantih

    • Maybe we’re both unfit for polite society.

      The recording on the broadcast I heard this morning was a Harmonia Mundi release with Paul Lewis and the BBC orchestra, if possible even more poignant than Rubinstein here.

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