The Catma Sutra, # 44: The Paws Of Shiva

In the lore of feline erotica, special reverence is reserved for those Catric Masters who can channel the energy fields of Catma through the placement of their paws, breaking down and re-creating the very waveform structure of the universe in their locality. Here Nickel and Mr. Ferguson are seen in the middle of a complex ritual which eventually sent an intoxicating vibration through all three floors of the house. As the sage Catsyayana wrote,

…who shall number the divine rhythms emanating from these extremities, like the purring of a chorus of shaktis?


4 thoughts on “The Catma Sutra, # 44: The Paws Of Shiva

  1. Love that photo of your two cats entwined. I am excited about all things catty at the moment because I adopted a new one on Sunday. He’s a 10 year old Siamese with black eyes and a snaggle tooth. His name is Parker Brown!

  2. My formerly-cat-hating ex spouse has a kitten now. It became an outdoor kitten once it started eating computer cables. The reigning outdoor cat then quietly took her leave: Hasn’t been seen since. Is this normal?

    Is anything?

    • With cats, normal is somewhat relative. However, the cat should have an indoor place and will probably lay off computer cables if it gets some toys and scratching posts that it likes. Outdoor cats have politics, and can sometimes reassign territory.

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