As the world watches with bated breath:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) appealed in unusually aggressive terms to his wavering GOP colleagues in a closed-door meeting on Wednesday morning with just a week left to go until the debt ceiling must be raised or the country will default on its obligations.

At a meeting of GOP House members, the embattled Republican leader told his colleagues, many of whom had vowed to oppose his two-step bill to raise the debt limit that is expected hit the floor as soon as Thursday, to “get your ass in line.”

I am never going to ask anyone’s pardon for bluntness again.


13 thoughts on “Statecraft

    • I think you have put it very well. Having actually run a Congressional campaign, albeit of the “protest” variety, I’m bitterly conscious of the way that in the House of Representatives especially, getting elected and then gearing up for the next election is an unceasing cycle. Worse, the media focus has shifted almost entirely toward how well a candidate plays the getting-elected game — with very little time left over for his ideas or goals. (We knew the guy that I managed was not going to get elected come hell or high water so he was free to talk about ideas and try to make people think — it’s sad when you have to be running a suicide mission before that can be your whole focus.)

      So we have a popularity contest running in every Congressional district every two years, to the extent people care (more than half of all eligible voters are fed up and stay home).

      Any governing seems to get done by accident.

      • I’m sure they get elected with the idea of accomplishing something. Are there any good novels or studies that trace the evolution of a freshman politician from idealistic passion to an unceasing re-election campaign?

        Probably it wouldn’t be so bad of more than a small fraction of the electorate were capable of critical thinking.

        • I used to say “the basic vice of democracy is that the common man is an idiot” and then my classmates would avoid me. But I think I was right, even etymologically right.

  1. Congress approved torture didn’t it? So how about we adopt some new ground rules to move things along. Like all congressional business will be conducted in the nude, waist deep, in 60 degree water. Lobbyists will be required to conduct all business in the nude on camera and audio hookup while (hopefully treading) 12 foot deep 55 degree water.

    I’m guessing we could get this whole debt crisis shit resolved in ten minutes.

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