Unfortunate Advertising (II)

I get a daily digest of news stories from a hand-wringing save-the-world site, and lately they have been supported by obnoxious video ads that launch as soon as you click on a story link. Since I run down the list and click on all the ones that interest me at once, this results in the Ad Of The Day commencing and recommencing in a fugal sequence that highlights the fatuous inanity of the average commercial script.

Lately the ad has been for the gelatinous condiment trade-named Miracle Whip, so that as I flick my mouse down the page, the same coked-up frat-boy voice says over and over: “It’s like a party in my mouth!”

image butgled from theoatmeal.com

Who gets paid for this stuff?


9 thoughts on “Unfortunate Advertising (II)

  1. Hehehehe – The chief of the Goblins is losing his empire at the moment. First his British money-makers, next the US regulators will get involved and then he will lose Faux News and his other US possessions. Then he will go to jail – Yaaaaeeeeeee Goblin cum will become a thing of the past!

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