Missing The Message

I keep a page-a-day calendar, you know the things, by the telephone in my office so that stuporous clients making out checks will inscribe at least an approximately correct date. No one will be surprised that it features a daily cat photo. Here is the page for this weekend.

Cats and telephones. Awwwww.

I returned home from the gym with the Cute Engineer, by way of the local farmer’s market, and went to check my messages. Alert to the phone motif, Mr. Ferguson (I am fairly certain), who likes to sit on the printer just above the telephone stand, had vomited comprehensively over most of the keypad and the Speakerphone button.

I will omit any photographic record of this, out of respect for my readers’ tender sensibilities.


11 thoughts on “Missing The Message

    • Oh, I’m sure you’re right. One of his sibonga is “Helpfullest Cat Ever.” He helps with everything. Typing, dishwashing, laundry, even my clients (some of whom suggest they are entitled to a discount if he doesn’t leap up on the table with them).

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