Duelling Flowers

Paul Costopoulos just put up pictures of his relentless daylilies. I am overdue to preen my flowers. There is no profundity here, just snapshots.

A friend gave me some yellow day lilies....

I'm partial to flowers with purple spikes.

So I got a lot of them.

Opal Basil

Lemon Thyme

Dwarf Russian Sage (this name always gives me a hilarious visual) in front of Limelight Hydrangea

And I have no idea what this is called. It grows over the birdbath.


8 thoughts on “Duelling Flowers

  1. Thank you! I enjoyed these photos very much. The lemon thyme…is it edible?
    I did plant two types of mint in pots (as you and Zeus suggested). It is growing like weeds (as you and Zeus noted).

    Your last photo is quite good. Vibrant color and spectacular blooms.

    Sage is popular here because it is deer proof. Truly.

    Have a good weekend.

    • Lemon (and regular) thyme is great in braised mushrooms. The citrusy flavor is very light.

      Glad the mint is thriving. It never does otherwise, I have to admit.

      The red flowers there are actually quite teeny, I got up close.

  2. My guess for the small red flowers would be a species of crocosmia (montbretia or copper tips I think they’re also called), maybe ‘lucifer’ 😉

    And I love that basil and the hydrangea.

    • You’re absolutely right. I got the bulbs for those as a freebee when I bought my lime green gladioli (not up yet). I remember Crocosmia now. Lucifer is much nicer and doesn’t sound so much like a reptile.

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