You cannot go a day without hearing a call for our US tax dollars to be spent more efficiently, nor again without someone chiding our government for a culture of stalling and delay.

This video of the 2011 Mall fireworks is a superb example of streamlining.

Burgled from the invaluable Capital Weather Gang blog.


6 thoughts on “Efficiency

  1. I love fireworks but I have to say that it does seem that displays these days are about ‘who can carry on the longest’ rather than ‘who can create something really ephemerally beautiful’.

  2. Didn’t go this year but last year the local display was coordinated with a radio station and so the music was audible from countless cars throughout the mall parking lot. There was a kind of beauty in that. I wonder if, yeah I bet there were several displays within range of that station doing the same thing. Teamwork!

    And the Cliff’s Notes version was great because, frankly, I have a short attention span.

  3. I only rarely go to see the fireworks. You Sled, know why. I liked the clif-notes version, however. Perhaps like Don, I have a short attention span. I can only “oooh ahhh!” out on the grass for so long before the mosquitoes become a distraction.

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