More Wildlife

My gym occupies a location of dubious Feng Shui in the rear of a large Asian shopping center at the county line, surrounded by decrepit garden apartments and automotive businesses. When you emerge from what I have dubbed the anus of Ch’i on the secondary road and jog through the signal, you often find yourself idling on an uphill grade, waiting for traffic on the main road.

There was a massive bird on the lawn of the two-story apartment complex, surveying the scene with a cant of the head that bespoke actively turning mental cogs. At first, I thought it might be another raven, like the one who periodically visits my garden. Then a short strutting motion emphasized an almost anseriforme curve to the neck, and I guessed it for one of the Canada geese that flock periodically hereabouts, provoking general annoyance and calls to the Geese Police.

Then a couple cars ahead of me turned right at the light, and I came level with a great big motherf*&king Black Vulture. He (or she) was not actively vultching but it forced me to the question of what, in that neighborhood, might be the attraction.

Not my picture, but just what I saw

Wikipedia tells me they are known to scavenge garbage.

The entry also notes that they occasionally regurgitate when approached, “which assists in predator deterrence,” and are prone to crapping on their own legs as a means of evaporative cooling. Charming creatures.

“Black Vultures have sometimes been seen to pick ticks off resting Capybaras,” says Wikipedia helpfully.

I must remember to mention this to any capybara that comes in to work out.


7 thoughts on “More Wildlife

  1. You know, this is strangely reminiscent of something my mother told me from a seminar she once attended where a police officer recommended that women vomit, defecate, or urinate on themselves to ward off rapists. “If it works for the black vulture, it’ll work for you,” was apparently the subtext of this advice.

    • I’m enraptured by the notion of a police officer who imagines that a molested woman might summon the Yogic self mastery to vomit at will.

      I’ve always fancied the testicular seize and squeeze, myself.

  2. We have vultures (buzzards seems a better term) here at the rancho. I sure hope they are eating ticks.

    Roadkill lasts about an hour before they drag it away.

    Your description of the gym location and surrounds was excellent. Yuck.

    • Ten bucks a month.

      My first and favoritest gym was the disused storage space of a rug dealer who had discovered the place flooded in rain no matter what he did. We just squelched along until they finished with the Aqua Vac. Other than the equipment itself, there was hardly anything in there but testosterone and tattoos. And for a while, a tanning bed where the night man used to kip.

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