Too Much Fun

I doubt I will ever clap eyes on a Broadway show, but this sort of thing makes a girl stand up and cheer regardless.

Neil Patrick Harris is so cute I could just throw him over my shoulder and burp him.


13 thoughts on “Too Much Fun

  1. OK, here’s a theater joke for you:

    What do you get when you put a Jew and Gay guy together?

    — A musical.

    And if you add a lesbian?

    –a musical with a stage manager.

    And if you add a straight guy?

    –a musical, with a stage manager…and a really ugly set.

    • Oh, just a few seconds has me clapping my hands if only because of the choice of the Swingle Singers version of, I think it is the F major Two Part Invention as background? I have to check my Bach albums.

      [ed. — I’m an idjit — that’s a minor key — the A minor. I think my attempt to learn the fingering of that one was what made my piano teacher despair of me.]

      Dr. Horrible is the wonderfullest cleverest thing to be done in its year, I think — a product of the Hollywood writers’ strike, when Joss Whedon decided to prove what could be done without the usual studio folderol, special effects and zingy production values. As a hardcore lover of superhero comics in my youth (and I confess, ever since) I rose up and cheered at it. Can you say “deconstruction?” With counterpoint?

      I believe YouTube beavers have managed to upload the whole show in sequence, though I love it enough to own the disc.

  2. Oh I’ve loved NPH ever since I stumbled across Dr Horrible last year (I’m a BIG Joss Whedon fan), but this is just genius! Brilliant 🙂

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