Apparently Aesop was not just blowing smoke about lions.


16 thoughts on “Androcles

    • I personally tend more toward the view of big-cat rescue and preservation groups that treat these animals as wild at all times, but clearly they are capable of accepting humans into their “safe zones,” with the proper attention to ethology.

      Of course, humans tend to do the same types of switcheroos to each other, so I don’t really think we can get uppish.

  1. Read the Aesop’s fable. Moving, thank you, considering also that Aesop – whose real identity is unknown – was possibly a slave or ex slave, but that is not the point.

    I do believe lions & big wild cats in general can be trustworthy and loving vs humans. We’ve seen it in many National Geographic documentaries.

    I adore cats. My first pet ever was a male cat I took from a Roman street as a baby (there are so many here!). But I also love dogs. Of course dogs and cats hate each other though I’ve also seen HUGE dogs becoming friends and affectionate with cats – same thing as wild cats with humans – when they are raised together etc.

    In general it is this immense beauty of mammals – but of birds too – ie that of developing bonds even among different species (see dolphins vs humans etc.).

    Insects and reptiles, interesting too, but harder to understand.

    I had a turtle. No, tortoise. Turtle is aquatic I guess.

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