Marty Klein Rocks

“There are thirty or forty million Americans who are spanked, every weekend, in the privacy of their own bedrooms.”

“A lot of people, they actually think that God, who, you know, is in charge of the Pacific Ocean, and global warming, and a lot of other things, actually cares [what kind of sex they have].”

Completely delightful short video (from Canadian TV) here.


14 thoughts on “Marty Klein Rocks

    • His “Sexual Intelligence” newsletter is one of the “Cool Places” in my right sidebar. I have always been partial to him because he articulates the insane prurience of prudery so well.

      • “the insane prurience of prudery”

        Yes. Absolutely.

        And I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to replace photos or amend illustrations to remove ‘offensive pornographic’ material in our books for our US publishers – had to airbrush off the nipples of a female gorilla with a baby the other day, and have just been requested to replace an image of a carving from Papua New Guinea which shows stylised representations of *gasp* naked human beings fishing…

        *rolls eyes*

  1. Never heard of Mr Klein but he seems to be stating the obvious, Canadians, Quebecers at least, are less secretive about sex than our southern neighbours and do not make such a fuss about a few affairs.
    Only once do I recall a politician being undone by sex; during the thick of the cold war one of our federal ministers had an affair with a woman who turned out to be a spy for Russia. He promptly went into retirement…because of the spying thing, not sex.

    • So far as I can tell, America remains more insane about sex than any other “free” nation, despite the salacious media glut everywhere. I used the phrase “Cheshire scowl” in the tags because that is sociologist Wayland Young’s term (dating from the 60s) for the queasy, disapproving attitude people often retain toward sexual expression even though they have, ostensibly, ceased believing literally in divine ordinances about sex. We’ve got a lot of that; on the one hand people seem to recognize that most adult sexual behavior is irrelevant to judging a person’s worth, but they still save their highest respect for people who never color outside the lines, and a large minority still talk and vote, or merely obsess, as if sexual conformity is more important than goodwill, intelligence, dedication or common decency. (Exhibit A: the first Web page I scanned this morning featured a letter to the advice columnist “Dear Prudence” asking how serious a problem it is if nipples show under clothes. Oy vey.)

  2. I only had attention span for the first couple minutes but they were good minutes as he went on about monogamy / non-monogamy and sexual behavior that some people fear represents a disorder. I can see how some non-monogamous people might think they’re out of control somehow, but the truth, as I like to think our society is slowly (ve-e-ery slo-o-owly) learning, is that a requirement of monogamy really only works during that time of life when you are raising children and a fierce sort of loyalty to the family unit is so very helpful. Before and after that, it isn’t necessarily all that natural, and the surfeit of lives getting wrecked over unrealistically monogamous expectations proves it. Communication and honesty, particularly with oneself in addition to one’s partner(s), are key.

    • Amusingly, I just came across a Gallup poll on various aspects of morality in which 91% of respondents said it was “morally wrong” to have an extramarital affair, the most unanimous response in the entire poll.

      Since we’re all familiar with other polls that say slightly over half of USians in committed relationships “cheat,” I have to wonder what the overlap is. No wonder half the human race can’t seem to distinguish its ass from its elbow.

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