The Schizoid Kitty Onslaught Continues

Torvald has taken to calling every evening at the dinner hour. A sound of angry birds — pace fans of the iPhone game — announces his arrival, if I’m not alerted by Fergie raising his antennas like My Favorite Martian used to do in the TV serial.

I had a bit of spoilt vegetable matter ready to go out to the composter but elected to leave it and venture out by another door with a scoop of kibble and a mug of water.

The birds were mightily out of countenance, and so, for some reason, was Torvald, when he wasn’t licking his chops and mewing for attention, that is.

I am not at all sure where this is going.


15 thoughts on “The Schizoid Kitty Onslaught Continues

    • The poser is, I already have one insane cat (enter “Crazy Bengal cat” into the search engine of Youtube alone, and you get over a thousand hits). I can’t think what they’d do to each other, and it’s taken me so long to get Miss Nickel calmed down.

      Plus, he does seem to have a household. He may become a permanent special guest.

  1. He is beautiful! And I love him! He might just be one of those ramblin’ cats.

    I had a one once that was one of those neighborhood wanderers. Nikolai used to “visit” up and down the block, go into people’s houses with them, hang out on their porches, take walks with them. Sort of a dog with better manners.

  2. The leg rubbing and mewing combined with the hissing… Torvald is the abusive husband of kitties. “Hey baby what’s up, just rubbing around your legs and getting your attention… HISS! SHUT UP, DUMB HUMAN! DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU’RE TALKING TO?… oh baby, I didn’t mean that, how about you put that kibble in the bowl and let’s get some under-chin scratching action going.”

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