Blueberries All Over The Beltway

First there was this.

Next up:

Fire/EMS units and Haz-Mat Assist at Beltway Tractor Trailer Crash

Around 1:30 am, Tuesday, May 24, 2011, Prince George’s County Fire/EMS and Hazardous Materials Team were alerted to an overturned tractor trailer. The truck was loaded with blueberries and rolled on to its side on the ramp from the outer loop of the Capital Beltway (Route 495/Route 95) to go on to NB Route 295 and also the National Harbor. There were no other vehicles involved in the incident. The fuel tanks for the tractor lost about 20-30 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled on to the road. The Fire/EMS Department’s Hazardous Materials Team contained the spilled product and also off-loaded the remaining 80 gallons remaining inside the fuel tanks. There were two occupants from the truck that were evaluated by paramedics, however, declined to go to the hospital.

A lot more attractive sounding than “…hamburger all over the highway in Mystic, Connecticut.”*

Except for the diesel fuel, I guess. I suppose I won’t rush out with my cereal bowl.


*Points to readers who can source this.


5 thoughts on “Blueberries All Over The Beltway

  1. The 70s humor tag piqued my interest, so I cheated, and all I can say is those were my brother’s records and I never achieved expert level. Celery stalks the highway anyway.

    • I went to a very stoned college, even if I never took so much as a toke, so it was all around me but I didn’t really become an aficionado either. Kicking the recordings up on YouTube today, I’m underwhelmed, but that Mystic tagline stuck with me for years.

  2. Sounds like a person could eat pretty well just by hanging out by roads near you… maybe occasionally helping things along by jumping out and flashing a boob…!

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