Sweet Asians And Your Staff

Well, isn’t this special.

Actual ad photo for new local joint

I see here where a good old-fashioned massage parlor has opened a short jog down the street from me, offering “dood massage” and “good feel” from “sweet Asian staff,” who must have sacro-iliac and dropped cuboids like no one’s business after working in those high heels all day.

I really do not give a flying flapjack who gets a happy ending from whom as long as all parties are free agents and consent to the transaction. I have said before and I will say again that it will be a great day when a brothel can call itself a brothel and operate in a brothel-zoned district; when any sex worker can put “sex worker” on his or her tax form, form a union or join a professional association, petition for redress and insist (if not self-employed) on OSHA compliant working conditions. Licensure compliance on the understanding that sex is being sold would make everyone safer, and it would keep people from calling people like me who are not in the sex business and asking for testicular acupressure. I mean, imagine you are a hairdresser and people keep calling you up and asking for a bikini wax. That kind of annoying.

I don’t give much odds, though, that all the “sweet Asians” employed by this joint are women bringing their mortgages current as best they can or doctoral students keeping up with their tuition payments. I mean it happens. People have written books about paying their way through college or simple periods of unemployment with totally voluntary and unconstrained sex work. It’s more honest than most politics. But that catering to the Asian-girl fetish, the bald fact that huge numbers of women are trafficked out of Asia to a life of entrapment in unwanted sex work, it makes you kinda go squiiiccck, no? I mean if you’re not the kind of guy who’s lining up for good feel.

And yet the county handed the proprietor a business license. Will all the women who work there have evidence of a baseline 500 hours massage education from a certified school, like I had to produce when I went into business? Will they be signed up for 25 hours of continuing education every two years (including that all important ethics module that always reminds us how critical it is to make it clear that our services are not sexual)? Have they coughed up the FBI criminal record check, fingerprints, photo IDs  and license fees at the state and county level, same as I have to?

The kindest thing to imagine is that the county is waiting for the men who own this place to put a foot wrong and move in to close down an abusive operation. Otherwise, what I’m looking at is a county government that goes through the motions, collects its fees and sees so little they could referee wrestling.

For Chrissake, Virginia, just put “sexual services” in your list of licensed professions. Then go inspect places like this on the clear understanding that they’re selling sex and as long as no one is hurt, coerced, abused or violates the health codes, they can do business without pretending to be something else (and making a farce of my biannual journey through a ridiculous, costly succession of regulatory hoops).

With all the construction and development around here, I’m surprised no one has revived an old London prostitutes’ dodge: “Demolition agent for temporary erections.” But the County board would probably try to contract with them.


14 thoughts on “Sweet Asians And Your Staff

    • Interesting page. Thank you for passing that on — it’s a subject that matters to me in a lot of ways, not least the human foible of disconnecting from a certain category of human being or activity and saying “No, no, the Bad Thing is over there.” Or as Lear said, hotly dost thou lust to use her in that wise for which thou whip’st her. Hence a whole lot of fellow humans get marginalized to preserve the illusions of the collective, and I like it when they organize.

  1. Couldn’t agree more.

    And as for the ‘catering to the Asian-girl fetish’, an Asian friend of mine (female) says that its because western men assume that all Asian girls are somehow more biddable and demure than western girls, so they find them less intimidating as well as being more sure of getting exactly what they want.


  2. Totally agree. Like legalizing marijuana, it takes the black market aspect out of it—the smuggling, violence, murder, human trafficking, etc., and everybody’s safer and gets what they want, legally.

  3. We know proscribing the world’s oldest profession as we go about it now doesn’t work at all. How hard is it to see that we need to try another approach?

    Too bad I’ve lost that video on just this topic. I’ll go fishing for it later tonight.

  4. I lost my fascination with Asian girls (or any other race-specificity) about the age of eighteen and it had nothing to do with perceptions of docility. Ick.

    And I too agree, that all could be reasonably well but for the very likely fact these women were falsely promised a good job to get them across the Pacific, and have been paying exorbitant “importation fees” with their passports held hostage as collateral ever since.

  5. Great points from all the commenters. What a silly world the U.S. is and how tragic it is that women keep getting themselves caught up in the “American Dream.”

  6. Panem et circenses the Latins used to clamour for. Prostitutes, some of them were sacred and priestesses of Venus and Apollo. But still there were those who were not mandated and considered a subhuman specie. What else is new?

  7. One thing Italians are incapable of doing since 1958 is legalizing prostitution. When Italy was unified 150 years ago prostitution was legal and ‘those places’ – fares were fixed, venereal diseases checked, forms of slaveries abolished etc. They were called ‘case di tolleranza’ (tolerated houses) since state ‘tolerated’ and regulated them.

    Then this woman came, this imbecile, called Lina Merlin (a socialist) expressing Italian women’s absolute incomprehension for the world’s oldest profession. So now thanks Miss Merlin, prostitutes are everywhere, children are accustomed to see them half naked in so many streets by day and by night, of course exploitation of women, diseases (and forms of women’s slavery) thrive.

    Lina Merlin: hats off!

    • Something similar happened in Iceland — after expressing initial admiration for a classy-seeming, former union president, openly lesbian premier, I’ve had to withdraw it because suddenly pole dancing and the like was de facto “exploitive” and women were deprived of a perfectly decent livelihood. Way to go.

  8. Oh, here’s a find — via totally another one of my media feeds (Annie Sprinkle’s).

    A one-woman show about the kind of operator whose sex work (at least in my opinion) is of no more concern to regulators than my profession (in other words, keep a clean, safe, honest shop):

    In this case the term “sex slavery” is used VERY tongue in cheek — the point being that commercial sex and sex slavery have to be distinguished. And one of the biggest weapons a slave driver has, it seems to me, is the prostitute’s fear of running foul of the law.

    She can’t really sing but the energy is contagious.

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