From a section of the Newseum’s exhibit about coverage of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, in which survivors anticipated the law of the jungle:

From a wall passed on the way home by DC Metro:

Picky guy, that Ted.


5 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Its the inability to write large without overspilling to the right that always gets me. Do people have no ability to visualise how much space they’re going to need? But why then do they always leave so much space on the left??

    Such are the things that occupy my mind…

    • I always ask a related question about visibility — the people who put up YARD SALE signs that can barely be read by passing drivers because the letters are no thicker than the stroke of a marking pen.

      At least the Katrina guy has the excuse of being shaken by a hurricane and flood. What I want to know is was there really an ugly woman and did she mind the sign.

  2. My first reaction is anyone who writes “ugly woman” is either lying about everything or has very few friends. A relatively low risk target in either case.

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