I give up. My imagination has become hopelessly debased.

Well, I’ll ask you. In the Step 1 video at this URL, which Firefox kindly plunked onto my screen to introduce yet another version… I swear it can’t be just me… at 0:42, is the sky full of farting Zeppelins?

What exactly is this telling me?


5 thoughts on “Tailwind

  1. My WTF is that the Step 1 and 2 links are inert for me, even though no others are. (Your link needs the second “http//” taken out to work, BTW.)

  2. I just downloaded Firefox 4 this morning and didn’t get any of those links. Seems to be working okay, but don’t like how square everything is…

  3. I can’t really tell any difference.

    I suspect the video only plays for people who have installed it. Some sort of proprietary thing, or maybe the farting aircraft embarrass even them.

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