Flight Of Ideas

A couple of weeks ago my high school friend, the ailurophilic and musically talented BenjiFranklin, called me on his way to a class that meets up the road a bit and asked if I wanted a four storey cat tree.

“My cat has the roof of the carport,” said Benji. “He couldn’t be less interested.”

Benji keeps a great muscular orange-and-white with a map-of-Ireland face who could probably actually tear down entire trees with his bare claws if he hadn’t been found declawed to begin with. I took the offer and, as I let my last client out, found Benji trundling several awkwardly shaped carpeted objects up the walk. Before we got the first section inside Miss Nickel Catmium was sharpening her claws on the sisal rope that wraps the posts. They don’t do this to any of the three shorter cat trees distributed elsewhere around my house. Other kids’ toys are always neater.

It really is quite a majestic object.

Fergie wasn’t altogether sure what to do about it at first.

Finally he took a tentative flyer at it but, in true feline style (“I’m going to attack your foot! No, I’m going to groom! No, I’m going to jump up on the window!”) wasn’t quite sure what to do first.

Nickel has been letting him have the middle platform. I don’t know if she’s Queen of the Jungle or just more covetous of the safest perch on the top level. I’m just glad I weighted it with an Olympic plate before Fergie rappelled off it like that.

Benji sent me a recently discovered link to some music for them to enjoy.


12 thoughts on “Flight Of Ideas

  1. I love that cat tree! I think the top platform-preference is a Bengal thing — every Bengal I have ever known or seen likes to be as high as it can get…that wild gene, I think. Mine are always happiest when they can rub the tops of their heads on the ceiling.

    Liu was unimpressed by the fugue, but then, I’m not sure how much taste she really has.

    • That sisal rope with the fist-sized knot on the end is my favorite detail — I think I like it better than the cats do. But they do fart around with it — Fergie more than Nickel because she is always in the stratosphere.

      He’s an up-cat as well, but mostly in the basement because he is convinced (he may be right) that mice live in the drop ceiling.

  2. Heh, the rope cracks me up too. Though all I can think of when I look at it is having to vacuum the darn thing.

    Great place for it in front of the window!

    • I’m still trying to understand how the original recipient (whose owner was forced to put it up on Freecycle) and Benji’s cat could reject it so completely. Some God Of Cats had my house in mind, I guess.

      Thanks for popping in. I liked your “sleep positions” post… “Edge of bed… you have a cat…” yup.

    • I bought a house for two people to live in plus operate a business out of, and the way the market’s gone, I couldn’t buy a smaller one now for twice the price I paid. You literally could not get a condo anywhere near here for my house payment, not that it’s small. If I’d known I was going to get a divorce less than two years after moving in, I’d have bought a bit less house further out.

      It breaks my back, but the cats do enjoy it.

  3. Holy cat-tree! That is some serious feline heaven.

    Actually, I’d rather like a ceiling-high perch myself, for the office. Especially if the only way to reach me in my eerie was by sisal rope 😉

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