Political Fuming

Stephen Fry tweeted this video.

At least the UK is advanced enough to float a vote on this kind of system. We in the US need it desperately before two-party Sharks-and-Jets politics completely demolishes whatever governance we still have.

At this point, if a constituency distrusts the “opposition” enough, you can run a flat-earth troglodyte or a shameless graft artist (I’ve seen a face-off between these two categories more than once) and win an election. No one wants to “throw away their vote” on a third party candidate with a sensible outlook (the one I worked for howled at the moon, but that was another story).


2 thoughts on “Political Fuming

  1. This is probably the least worthy version of proportional representation, and I still don’t really get it.

    Does it mean we can all have our second, or perhaps the third or fourth or fifth choice, unless we abstain? Nice. That should establish the candidate for all time and secure my support.

    I’d rather get my teeth into the successful candidate I didn’t vote for. At least I can understand it at that level.

    • It looks to me that it means you might vote your real preference and have a chance of instating the person who looks second best to you instead of enabling a third- or fourth-best (or openly repulsive) person who just happens to be the candidate of a major party.

      Third party candidates would poll much higher and gain more momentum (which in the US means nonpartisan Federal campaign funding) if people weren’t afraid to vote for them for fear of blowing a close election. I can’t think that anyone who voted for Nader in the celebrated 2000 election meltdown really preferred Bush to Gore.

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