Not Enough To Do

I was standing in the kitchen cutting a thin slice of Tomme De Savoie when I suddenly realized, for no particular reason, that the Chopin Prelude in C Minor (I had to look up the opus number — Opus 28, #20) opens with a phrase that is simply the minor key version of the German Christmas carol “O du Frohliche.”

I wanted to rush out into the street and point that out to someone but (1) no one is on my street or anywhere near it at 8 pm on a Friday evening and (2) they would look at me funny.


11 thoughts on “Not Enough To Do

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only person to whom things like this occur. Have you heard the opening chords of “Don Giovanni” in that Haydn mass?

  2. When you listen carefully you hear echoes of many composers in many other’s music. Remember that author’s rights then were not what they are today and lots of them based their compositions on popular and folk tunes of their times anyway, even the great J.S Bach.

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