More Fun With Tennis Balls

Another video which is mostly of me playing with tennis balls on my living room floor while cats walk around.

This method is for the relief of stiffness in the lower hinges of the back, using gravity to stretch the interior ligaments and flexor muscles, especially the iliopsoas, which are so far in there that even I can only find them on skinny people. Really, really skinny people, like endurance runners or my chain-smoking Japanese mechanic.

The behind-the-head placement is also good on its own for unraveling a stiff neck or jaw, even clearing stuffy ears, but since it directly affects pressures in the central nervous system, it can knock you so far out that you feel mickeyed. Don’t do it for long when you have to be alert.

This is my second try at making this clip. The first one had a vaguely crappy sound, or maybe I had been drinking too much Darjeeling.


16 thoughts on “More Fun With Tennis Balls

  1. I really appreciate you doing these self-care videos. A couple of the techniques I was already familiar with, but some others I haven’t seen.

    And I think it was you who recommended “The Magicians” (?) … thanks for that too. I guzzled it over the past couple days and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully the sequel is up to snuff.

    • You don’t need to buy cats, cats sort of find you. You emanate a spiritual vibration saying “cat needed” and one appears in a tree, or in your garden or a parking lot looking homeless and hungry, and there you are.

  2. Dear Sled,

    I have already done your exercise from the first video and it did me good. Where do I get the mine-like ball like that I don’t know but my daughter might know she being a gym fiend like you.

    You are a good teacher (having it been my job for 30 years I can tell teachers much more than a friggin Roman) and I now also better realise how your intelligence is of the emotional kind (in the positive sense).

    I mean, what about a Mama Sled TV on Youtube? You could tell people stories, with your apparently grumpy but extremely-warm-in-a-hidden-way voice, stories like those you write here (or even just those already written you like best).

    I am thinking of getting closer to Youtube as well.

    But I am from the Old World, so it works this way: the first year one thinks of it a lot, a WHOLE year of meditation (stories, music, stupidities?); the second WHOLE year one timidly begins to get the staff ready; the third year one either totally forgets or motivation disappears entirely so we usually end up doing NOTHING.

    • If that’s the case, I know whole departments of the United States government who are from the Old World and don’t even know it.

      I do like teaching although it’s something that just happens incidentally to the things I already do.

      • Ah ah ah, Sled, Sled, you always give me a good laugh. If you stop blogging I’ll chase you wherever you are and drag you back in front of a PC screen (I wonder how, given all your gym power. Ok, I’ll try to absorb some gym power before catching the plane; if I’m to lazy I’ll bring my hounds).

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