You Gotta Have Balls

This is for Man of Roma.

I can’t say this is exactly original with me, but no one else showed me how to use the balls this way. It’s just a matter of great minds thinking alike.

My staff were unusually helpful during the making of this video. It happens every time I get down on the floor.


33 thoughts on “You Gotta Have Balls

  1. Sledpress!! Let me say I luuve this and I LOVE YOU. How SWEET of YOU to do that for me!!

    Now Mama Sled has voice and flesh, and I know she’s sympathetic and dear. I’ll definitely try those tennis balls on my back (then I’ll shout: I got BALLS!!).

    Btw, seems quite easy to be done even by inepts.

  2. Hahaha… Fergie and Nickel were amazingly helpful!

    This is a great thing, also very cheap to do… except for the carpet bit! Have got marble floors in my new place that nobody in their right mind would want to lie down on.

    But I have found Spike again after much unpacking, and will put him to use quite soon.

  3. Sled, I do want to be a youtube celebrity. You should not encourage in this subtle way.

    Could we not also have some scenes cut in with you in a lab coat and a pointer and some drawings of the spine?

    Or, actually, where is that cute engineer?

      • Lemme see if I can use one of Sled’s trademark responses:


        (Did I get that right?)

        What I imagined was chaste: sort of 1950s science/health reel, with a young Jack Lalanne type assistant. For demonstration. Geez, MoR. Saturnalia is over. It’s friggin February. 😉

        Btw, Sled, I just noticed you have a visitor from Poland. I’m jealous.

        • I think the Polish person was looking for rudbekia. And thptfft is like Elizabethan English, the orthography is forgivingly flexible.

          I actually have a model pelvis that I could use with a pointer. I mean just the bone part. (That still didn’t come out right…)

          It’s always Saturnalia somewhere in the world…

  4. Well, isn’t Carnival around? Plus I wrote only saturnalia 1 & 2. I planned 3 & 4, the real fun, but was too busy to proceed.

    At any rate here the weather is like spring (but snow will soon arrive) and people feel damned excited (which is vague, and I’ll leave it like that).

    By the way, I started a new blog just for the hell of it. Don’t know yet what I’ll do with it.

  5. Thank you for noting that the balls looked vaguely obscene! They do. But, the exercise in and of itself looks like pure heaven! I may have to go buy some tennis balls and give it a spin.
    Thank you..
    no comments about looks/voice etc, but for those of us who comment mutually I think we do wonder about each other. It’s always fun to get a fuller glimpse!

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