Captain Mushmouth may think my face looks a little old and ragged but in at least one respect this week I am a perfect “10”.

I go back and forth in the gym with different workouts and every so often I get into a push where I try to crank up my squat as high as it will go. Last go-round I managed 235 for a double, off the rack. Since then we had Snowmageddon, which left my right knee in a condition that took several months and some don’t-try-this-at-home stunts to rehab, and I’ve been pushing for PRs in other things like a straight bar bench and handstand pushups. Squat ceiling has been around 135, and felt wobbly at the 6th or 7th rep — until yesterday when that sucker blew up ten times without a struggle, clonk back into the rack, yowza!

Maybe it is just that repairing damage and getting back up to full speed takes time but I swear this is a Sunreturn thing. Candlemas, Groundhog Day, call it anything you like, the light is suddenly starting to blaze on glass ornaments and polished metal, and the solar lights in my yard are glowing back into life, and I’ve stopped feeling like I have a boulder on my head. And after months of absence, Torvald has paid three visits this week — the second, alas, culminating in the rather unwelcome discovery that he belongs (?) to a Hispanic family down the street who speak almost no English, clearly don’t have a vet, and basically feed him and let him in and out. I would scomp him in a minute if the family didn’t have a little girl. I’m working on this one.

And the squat thing. I probably have a single at 160 in there right now. I wonder how long it would take to work up to 240.


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