Keep Calm And Carry On

My father doted on British comedy (there we see one of the seminal deforming influences on my psyche) and, in an object lesson on the perils of precocity, horrified me in my fifth or sixth year by exulting that the local Army post theater would be screening the film “Carry On Nurse.” At that tender age I had a muscular vocabulary and knew quite well what “carrion” was. It didn’t sound funny to me at all, and the thought that he was intent on taking me to see it gave me two or three sleepless nights.

The young lady swapping out the shorts in the first moments of this clip from the “Carry On” comedies is the virtual spit of a teenage Sled.


7 thoughts on “Keep Calm And Carry On

  1. I wish I’d been old enough to remember more of what happened in the movie; I think my mind was wiped out by finding that it wasn’t going to be humor based around scenes of carnage.

    I do remember “I’m All Right Jack” and the monument paid for by Pubic Subscription.

  2. Carrion my wayward son (or daughter)
    There’ll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don’t you cry no more!

    (and then I play the air guitar)

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