Aw, Sh*t

Fitness guru Jack LaLanne, 96, dies at Calif. home

By Associated Press

MORRO BAY, Calif. — Fitness guru Jack LaLanne, who inspired television viewers to trim down and pump iron decades before exercise became a national obsession, has died at age 96.

When I was a tiny Sled I got down on the living-room rug — a pea-soup colored horror with a cube design — in front of an old Zenith whose vacuum tubes emitted a faint hot smell from behind a housing of maroon and dull-brass plastic, and did “bicycles” and windmills.

Haven’t done one of these yet. Now I really need to work on that.


12 thoughts on “Aw, Sh*t

  1. I remember vacuum tube TV’s. Well, I remember the TV, my father regularly taking tubes out of it, and taking me and my brother to the drug store where the tube tester machine was. It was where replacement tubes were sold and where my brother and I learned our earliest cuss words.

    He would use that something called a “tube tester” on the old ones. With me or my brother in one arm, he would put the tubes into the machine’s sockets with the other hand. In just a couple of seconds he would yell some combination of,

    “Awww shit!” “Shit!” “Not again God dammit!” “Shit! Another blown one?”

    My mother never came with us to the drug store for TV tubes. It was just the boys.

  2. He graduated from my high school in 1935. In 1946 he did a demo at Cal (Berkeley) and one day my mom (being a student) was his assistant. She wasn’t too excited about it but it was a job.

    He’s one of my heroes. I’m not ready to commit to raw fruit and veg though. I likes me meat.

  3. Holy cow. Those finger tip press ups are extraordinary. I have NEVER seen that done before.

    Being happy, eating healthily and getting some physical exercise? Well, seeing him interviewed at age 95 you really can’t argue with that recipe.

    • I don’t quite know how people do the being happy part (at least not to that degree), but the other two ingredients are pretty simple, especially when you consider that a lot of people have nowhere to go but up in both respects. And exercise really is the one thing that reliably makes me euphoric.

  4. I was sad to hear of the news, too. My mother, in her younger years, was once in an elevator with Jack LaLanne. It was quite a thrill since she used to do those exercises with him on TV, and I remember doing them, too, next to her. I was probably three-years old at the time. He sure was an inspiration to many around the world. I have his juicer on my kitchen counter that I have to start using again!

  5. Why is everyone so sad?? The guy lived happily for 96 years!! Good gravy, most of us would be lucky to live 2/3 that long and half as happily.

    Ha, I also remember following along with Jack on TV…

    Jane Fonda tweeted this today:

    He began American’s fitness movement with his iconic TV show, great body, one piece jump suit and friendly, motivating manner. A great man!

    Nothing to be sad about here. The man had a wonderful life.

  6. Nothing to be sad about, true — I just wish the world could have more people like him. And it gives me an uprush of nostalgia for those afternoons on the living room floor.

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