“We Are Sorry, But You Are Not Passionate At All”

I have a weird fondness for Hello Kitty Psychological Tests.

You haven’t ever seen one? Seriously? These are the ones where the mouthless kitty from Sanrio explains to you, after a series of multiple-choice questions, what your ideal mate is like or how passionate you are. I find it disturbing that a kid’s toy knows about this kind of thing but there is something alluring, trancelike, about answering those damn questions. Plus. without these tests, I would never have known that anyone produced mustard-flavored ice cream.

I took the one that claimed to determine my passion index.

We are sorry, but you are not passionate at all. If you must ask for the reason, it’s because you often refuse to be feminine. You are always hanging out with the guys and you don’t look very sexy even though you are friendly. The fact that you are not feminine will attract some men… so it’s not exactly a bad news. You should think this way: Only those who know what’s the best will choose me!

I detect a hint of cheerleading, but it’s remarkable how Hello Kitty got to that.

How To Get Your Lover’s Attention

How Do You Feel About Marriage?

Hello Kitty On Money Management (this one is magnificently incoherent)

Have at it.


15 thoughts on ““We Are Sorry, But You Are Not Passionate At All”

  1. Passion Index 50

    You are not a very passionate person. You are naive to others and only passionate once in a while for a few to see. You are caring and considerate and gentle, so lots of people like you. If you want to be sexy according to the social standard, you will get some comments like “This is not you!” So you should cherish your own style of passion, and just be yourself to have the perfect love.

    Sounds good to me!

  2. I got 50 too, which sounded about right to me. I have to wonder what the blurb says for people who score at 100. “You are very passionate. You have to be careful that people do not hunt you down and nail you in the street.”

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