The Damndest Things Turn Up In My Shrubbery

It being warm, I paused before commencing my weight-vest six-miler to clean up the inevitable crop of debris that gets tossed or blown into Julio’s Repose at the east side of my yard.

The slug which had crawled into one of the empty pill compartments did not seem appreciably stouter than average, one notes. But it really is disturbing to contemplate that the entire eight day supply seems to have been used at one time.

I swear I’m going to start posting rates out there.


13 thoughts on “The Damndest Things Turn Up In My Shrubbery

  1. Naturally, I came looking for sheet porn. Like ya do.

    This is what you find in the yard? Sled, I must insist that you change your biographical statement on the right to “a Woman Of a Certain Age with an Interesting FUTURE.”

    That’s my thought for the new year. Auguri!

    • I think recipes “to make small members splendid” were one of the most hilarious things I noticed when I first read the Kama Sutra. It all seemed to involve botanical products of a disturbing nature, come to think of it.

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