And In Other Cat News

Remember the Big Cat Holiday videos? Pumpkins, turkeys, like that? Those are playtime; the last couple days I’ve been following the live-blog of a rescue by the Big Cat team, who fielded an SOS about a bobcat hit by a car.

Here’s the cage cam where he is recuperating from surgery after a couple of tense days, a link that should be good for a day or two after this post goes up.

It takes a little wrapping your mind around it to think about people from all over the world cheering for a little cat hit on a Florida road. Sometimes you could almost believe in human goodwill.

Every time someone does this, I figure vets learn more about how to save animals — like your pet, or a member of an endangered cat species. And probably an angel gets its wings somewhere, too.


8 thoughts on “And In Other Cat News

  1. When it comes to animals, I find extraordinary good will. We live in bobcat country and it pleases me to see such efforts on behalf of a wild cat like that.

    Surprised that one was hit. In our woods, they are stealthy and quick.

    We live in mountain lion country as well. I’ve seen three in 16 years. Now, thatis a thrill. (makes elephant seals look like chopped liver)

    • flat terrain, flat roads make for a lot of speed and that doesn’t help the fauna down here, not bobcats or panthers. I’m glad things are looking up for the cat.

  2. Yes. Mountain lions are a thrill. I’ve seen I think one in the wild. A representative of same is likely to be my next tattoo, but I’m taking my time, which I suspect reveals a decreasing interest in the tatt thing. Bobcats yowl interestingly, and are prettier.

  3. I keep fantasizing about volunteering at this place, which is about as likely in my life as flapping my wings and flying, but imagine working with those creatures every day at eye contact distance.

    This little bobcat is pretty young, they think, which could explain how he was the one who got hurt. Their recent rescue of a litter of bobcat cubs who were nursed by a domestic mother was amazing, too. (You really got that WILD ANIMAL concept, cute and fuzzy notwithstanding, when the handlers tossed the kittens their first meal of dismembered fowl.)

  4. Just FYI, the injured kitty is now recuperating after having a pin and plate put in his broken pelvis, and can get up, walk around the small recovery cage, is eating and drinking. The live cam still works.

  5. I acquired my two Bengal girls from a guy who used to run a wild animal rescue/sanctuary on several acres out in the country … he had quite a number of bobcats who had been hit on the road or kept inappropriately as pets. He also had an actual snow leopard which had been kept as a pet in an apartment in California … just shocking, what people will do. The poor thing had no fur and was near death when it was brought to him by the CA authorities due to his extensive experience with big cats. By the time I knew him, the cat was almost 20 years old, gorgeous in full plumage, and would come running to him when he called it.

    • I’m glad you have sanctuary kitties. I was bummed for a whole day when I read on the Big Cat Rescue site about what goes into breeding hybrid cats. I have to follow all their happy ending stories to deal with some of what they have to tell about animal confinement, exploitation and abuse.

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