Happier Every Day To Be A Vegetarian (II)

Because some things should just be left to the experts [that is, obligate carnivores].

They seem more serious about these than they were about the pumpkins.



5 thoughts on “Happier Every Day To Be A Vegetarian (II)

  1. Had first Thanksgiving as vegetarian (actual meal was vegan) this year. Never felt this good the day after. Meal was great. Company was just as good as always. Wish we had started this many years ago.

  2. Have to say that the same could be said of all meals – meat-based, veg-packed, carb-filled, or otherwise – if one doesn’t stuff one’s face.

    Sorry, just don’t like seeing animal protein being dissed unfairly. If you don’t like it, okay. But it certainly isn’t an unhealthy food option.

  3. Wonder how the lions would do with frozen Christians.

    Hmm. That would be Presbyterians (i.e. “the Frozen Chosen”). Not a flavorful lot. Hard to digest, and properly so.

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