So Far, Not Bad, Except…

Every year on my birthday it tends to be dark, damp and chilly. Hence I am hugging to myself superstitiously the idea that I must be doing something right, as it’s no more than brisk out, blindingly sunny, and brilliantly colorful.

I hucked up ten pounds more on a deadlift than I have since I resumed doing them — I always try to make a leap of some kind on my birthday — distinctly overheard a personal trainer using me as an example to his client, and even extorted a birthday kiss on the cheek from Stu, the premier gym rat. A good day so far.

There was just this one ominous moment as I pulled up in the gym parking lot…

Two sightings in four days. I think I’m being stalked.

Or else, my past is returning to haunt me… but that’s a story for another post.


11 thoughts on “So Far, Not Bad, Except…

  1. Here on the maryland eastern shore, we are enjoying an unusually mild fall.

    Happy Birthday! You appear to have earned the affection and esteem of your gym mates.

    I thought we men were the only ones who needed to be concerned about the direction of the wind. Who knew?

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