Synchronized Snoozing — The Smackdown

(For those who aren’t regular viewers of Azahar’s blog, see this post.)

Ball in your court!


16 thoughts on “Synchronized Snoozing — The Smackdown

  1. How sweet, my two are brothers, and completely black. When they curl up it’s usually in an entwined position and you can’t tell where one starts and one ends.

  2. I once had a cat I found as a kitten on the street round the corner where I live. Wonderful black-and-white fur.

    Since I had been recently on vacation in Corsica and had parked my car on a wrong place, one big fat man there shouted at me: “Il y a un panneau là!!!” (there’s a sign there!!!) I was startled and didn’t quite understand, perceiving the phrase as a whole: “Jappanoolaa”.

    So a few months later when I found the kitten and took him home I called him Jappanoolaa, which later became Oola. Oola was the first cat in my life. He had a great personality. I will never forget him.

    • I had a somehow “fated” black and white cat thing when I was first married. I kept finding attractive pictures or images of black and white tuxedo-cats, or people would give them to me. One day I heard a squeaking from a maple tree over my driveway and next thing you know I had a tiny three month old kitten whom we named Esther Patricia Upcat Reveille Twinkle, or Patty. She was perfect in her tuxedo, like Marlene Dietrich, and had a husky “Smoker’s Meow” when she was grown. I miss her.

      Oola is a great cat name.

      • Oola, Ula in Italian, was also a great fighter. He used to hide on top of wardrobes lying in wait for me and then attacking me all of a sudden. A perfect companion. All my friends loved him.

        • A bit like this?


          He sounds a little like Taffy the Terrible, whom I kidnapped from neglectful owners when I moved to this house, where he had another ten good years. He used to ramp on his hind legs, like a heraldic lion, and he would confront anything that moved. I always said he was the kind of cat who would come into the bar, fight all the men, make love to all the women, and drink all the liquor.

  3. Wow! Almost identical!

    Brava Ms Press. Only, the head of the one on the pic has more black fur, which is even better making him kinda masked – very romantic.

    the kind of cat who would come into the bar, fight all the men, make love to all the women, and drink all the liquor.

    You made me laugh Sled.

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