I have had this unlucky attraction to hummingbird feeders over the past couple years of trying to salvage my yard, and I think I had better throw in the towel before things get worse. Literally.

Cheri Block, over at her beguiling photorama of a whole tribe of the creatures, insists that if I build it they will come and all I have to do is be patient. In the meantime my patience is merely inviting a crop of wasps. I have a dab stunt where I drop my towel on the lawn racing in from the gym, right in front of the feeder mobile which always has a cloud of them hovering, and twice now I have run back out to get it and brought in a hitchhiker. I don’t think the butterflies like these ugly glossy little pee-colored blowdarts either. I took in the sugar water a few days ago and cabbage-whites have returned to the nearby bushes in abundance.

I think I’m just not cut out for birds. I love cats, and they can sense it. Hovering in my aura are thoughts from the linked auras of my cats, best expressed in words like “canape” and “appetizer.” I may be a vegetarian but my familiars are obligate carnivores, with damn picky, in fact downright Roman palates.

I should go check my bat house. One thing at a time.


5 thoughts on “Humbug

  1. Ok. I’m on my way to school, but I have to respond here, Sledpress.

    (Not that you asked my advice…)

    The wasps need to be deterred…Yellow traps with that alluring bait. They will go to those traps.

    I’ve also found that hummers like feeders in the shade.

    Sorry for getting involved. My kids say this type of immediate need to provide help is highly annoying.

    • Oh, nothing wrong with the helping instinct, but this is starting to sound like a lot more supervision of small vibrating things and containers of “stuff” than I ever bargained for.

      I fear my tropism is more toward self maintaining creatures like the bats and snakes…

      OK, “Fledermaus” came on the radio just as I posted that. I think the gods have spoken.

  2. I don’t have hummingbird feeders for the exact reasons you just posted about. I do have lots of flowers and the hummers go to theme, so I have them in my yard to entertain me. I’m not convinced that sugar water is all that good for them anyway.

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