A Nip In The Air

I have these two fixed cats, and Mr. Ferguson, at least, seems to think he is still in full possession of his faculties.

Maybe it’s the autumn nip in the air. Maybe he’s been finding his way into the catnip. There has to be some reason why I keep hearing suspicious mewling noises and tracking them down to find him astride Nickel Catmium’s hindquarters. Nipping her.

Out of respect for her modesty, since I am not sure she has invited this attention, I insert — you should pardon the expression –only  a representative picture.

I really hope they don’t elect to entertain one of my clients this way. There are probably professional ethics issues.

(Bonus question: Can anyone tell me why the title of this post makes me think of the 1978 screwball horror film “Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes”?)


13 thoughts on “A Nip In The Air

  1. Inappropriate as it may be, your title reminds me of the gallows humor employed by Lake Tahoe EMTs when they found a Japanese tourist had somehow landed his rented car in the branches of a pine tree …

  2. My two male, castrated house-rabbits would do the same thing. Well, Muddy would dry hump Dobby while Dobby sat there long-sufferingly. Muddy invariably got the wrong end, too, and would be pumping away at Dobby’s head… oh wait, maybe it was the right end after all?…

    • There were pleasantly scandalous rumors about date-swopping at one of the local sailing clubs, back before the (human) Mr. F got married and respectable. Through it all he looks kind of like Beaver Cleaver… oh dear, that doesn’t work either.

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