Don’t Shoot The Piano Player

Or the bagpiper.

The Germans didn’t, there on Sword Beach on D-Day, because they thought he was clean out of his head. His simple explanation: “When you’re young, you do things you wouldn’t dream of doing when you’re older.”

Q.: If you were in, not just a war zone but the spearhead of a pitched amphibious assault, and your commanding officer asked whether you would wade ashore into machine-gun and artillery fire  and play “Highland Laddie” and “Road to the Isles,” your answer would be:

A. Are you feeling the sun, sir?
B. Respectfully request you sod off, sir.
C. Do you want me to march up and down?

I almost missed this obituary piece in today’s New York Times, about the man whose answer was “C”.

Do they make them like that any more?


9 thoughts on “Don’t Shoot The Piano Player

    • There is a very tender spot in my heart for bagpipes. I used to use them (or bagpipe recordings anyway) in college, early in the morning, to awaken the people who had disrupted my repose the previous evening with horrible rock, soul and similar garbage turned up loud. The City of Edinburgh Police Pipe Band was a favorite.

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