Viral Cuisine

Those who frequent Azahar’s myriad productions may have encountered the tortilla de patatas recipe that she put up in May. I used to know a diplomatic wife who prepared a version of this, which was the only dish in which I could even tolerate the presence of potatoes. I think American school lunches are to blame; in the late-1950s America of my childhood, every school meal involved a heap of gluey potatoes prepared in some Purgatorially bland way and a half-pint waxed-paper carton of milk, and if you did not choke these things down you were regarded as un-American, a Bad Child, and possibly doomed to a future of neurasthenia and depravity.

My memories of the tortilla were so seductive that I hastened to the local farmers market to buy potatoes and onions; last trip, they had vivid blue potatoes, which I comminuted with ordinary white and yellow ones before turning over the operation to my culinary engineer friend and a diligent feline assistant.

The tortilla was damned good.


9 thoughts on “Viral Cuisine

  1. Fergie makes an excellent assistant – you can tell his mind is really on the job. Though in the last pic it looks like he’s looking to you for confirmation that things are going as they should.

    Still fascinated by blue potatoes. Pretty sure they cannot be found here.

    Also really like “myriad productions”. 😎

  2. Potatoes are wonderful things, but they are often badly used. Chain restaurants are notorious for making a good recipe inedible and often so greasy that one could use the run off to change the oil in a car.

  3. The number of varieties of potatoes out there is staggering. We grew blue potatoes a couple of years ago and they were quite tasty.

    That tortilla looks very good, and I’m sure Fergie was an excellent assistant.

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