Catastrophe Of The Infinite Regress

It’s just that kind of a week around here. What can I say?

Miss Nickel likes electronics, let her make me famous on Cheezburger, and vice versa. Or her back end, anyway. With any luck.


7 thoughts on “Catastrophe Of The Infinite Regress

  1. In the last week, I have written several non-sequiturs, one of which has gotten me into a lot of trouble, so I thought I’d add a third.

    I can see you are a cat expert. I have a cat who lives outside (we live on a mini-ranch, so he is a working guy), but who has a lovely bed in the garage. We also commune each morning on my deck for coffee; he, ensconced in a fleece blanket; I, seated on chair with coffee.

    Last night there was a terrible screech and racket. I thought for sure a bobcat was in the area. Instead, another cat had entered the property (unusual experience) and both of them were on a branch of a walnut tree, up at least thirty feet.

    Do they hate each other?

    • No, but they need to size each other up over a period of days or weeks during which there may be repeats of this scenario.

      Most cats survive this quite well, knowing exactly when to pull back if they actually engage directly.

      Quite likely, once they have the measure of each other, assuming the colloquy continues long enough, they could even become amiable and sun themselves in the walnut tree near one another, instead of screeching.

      BTW, I don’t know how much of a cat “expert” I really am, but I’ve had enough experience to count for something — seen this kind of behavior settle out twice in my own household.

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