Loading The Bar

I once overheard my engineer friend telling his teenage niece-equivalent, who wondered how I combined vegetarianism with strength training: “You have to understand, gym-heads can choke anything down if it has a hope of building muscle.” I forgive him for talking about me this way because he is more or less right. Usually I assemble a grotesque sludge of organic whey protein powder and various substances like flaked yeast, kelp, etc., but once in a while I just cannot face that blender and opt for one of these. (The best flavor comparison I ever heard was “acrylic paint.” Chocolate acrylic paint.)

Now, with more nuts! Thicker and more delicious!

Most of the people sticking these things in their mouths are guys. Do they ever read the label? Do I just have a dirty mind?


12 thoughts on “Loading The Bar

  1. There are plenty of protein sources out there that do not involve meat or other animals. People are so unaware of what is actually in the food they are eating. A serving of winter squash contains 3g of a complete protein. . .

    Maybe if there was an advertising agency for vegetables like McDonalds and Hardee’s have there would be more people who believe that being a vegetarian can be a viable lifestyle supporting strength and health.

    I do admit that we had steak for dinner last night, though.

  2. An acquaintance who seriously competes in masters body building eats stuff like this when he goes into serious training mode. He is a real typical manly man. I cannot wait to point out the label to him when I get the chance. If I get him in mid bite no telling what he might do. 😉

  3. I down a PowerBar before my Saturday morning MMA class because our warm-ups are brutal and I don’t wake up early enough to make a proper breakfast. And I chase that down with a cup of green tea, and usually two full glasses of water and some Advil because I was likely drinking the night before.

  4. [puff][puff] It seems [puff][wheeze] I was correct. Definite [puff] brainstorm here. Not a single undeleted [puff]expletive, not a single insult. Have [puff]you handed in your curmudgeon’s licence?

    [wheeze] Sorry about the heavy breathing. I ran all the way here from [puff] Daddy P’s blog.
    [Whew] I’m getting my breath back now.

    Oh, by the way. Your might like to give your mind a bit of a wash. It seems a little grubby around the edges. I always use Kleenmynd® for cleaning my mind.

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