The Mercy Of God

In a self-conscious novel that I wrote in order to escape from college with a degree in something called Languages and Literature, there can be found the sentence: “The rain was falling outside like the mercy of God, almost imperceptibly and utterly without passion.”

Felix Mendelssohn said it better. One of those things that brings you to your knees when you turn on the radio and stumble on it:

I don’t believe in God as defined by any religion I ever encountered but I do accept the idea of divinity, at least under this kind of persuasion.


8 thoughts on “The Mercy Of God

  1. Piano trios and string quartets may be some of the most sublime music ever created, probably because of the intimacy of the setting. I always loved chamber music the best.

    Mendelssohn was a master of creating the most intimate, joyous, uplifiting music. Probably because he was the son of rather well to do folks and got to do what he was born to do, which was create music.

    I have to say that posting the score along with the performance is an interesting exercise. It leads to the person who can read music well sitting there critiquing the musicians. I will spare you my critique. . . the Conservatory Student in me came out, I’m afraid.

    (How many Conservatory Students does it take to change a lightbulb? Ten: One to change it and nine to say they could have done it better)

  2. I love this post for that incredible line and the music–it reminded me to listen to classical music more often. Yes, chamber music is my favorite and I so seldom indulge. Thank you for the reminder!! 🙂

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