Butt Woman In History

Leafing through an old photo album sent by my stepmother the Serpent Woman.

It looks as if I was born to be Butt Woman.


10 thoughts on “Butt Woman In History

    • There are amazingly few pictures of me doing things like that as a child. Little girls weren’t supposed to do that, you know? They would put me in those damn frilly dresses and take pictures of me next to flowers or something. Bleh.

  1. Whoah, crazy floor pattern in that top photo. Rug or lino?

    These are so adorable. In the last one it looks like you’re looking for the music.

    • I think that was a rug, and if you note there was a clashing pattern on the wallpaper. I think that was my grandmother’s house or maybe great aunt’s; I am not sure of the identity of anyone else in the picture. I had apparently gotten stuck between the table legs, though it doesn’t look as if I minded much.

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