Spotblob Competition

This is a response to David Rochester’s picture of the queenly Daria P. Olka-Dot Pants, over at Quotidian Vicissitudes. All cats do this Unidentifiable Comatose Object, I think, but it’s especially arresting when a Bengal is involved.

Do you have a blob in your house — a Spotblob or a Stripeblob, or even a Gateway-cow-patterned blob?

The heat is driving me far enough out of my mind to propose: Let’s Have A Blob Ring!!!!

I think I promised long ago to tell the story of how I, the premier Scooper Of Cats Off The Streets in these parts, ended up with a purebred Bengal. Soon.


7 thoughts on “Spotblob Competition

  1. Too funny! I have to say, of my three qatz, it is only Daria P. who does this particular thing resulting in no hands, feet, tail, ears, or anything identifiable as belonging to a sentient being. Then again, this is Daria, so … “sentient” might be giving her too much credit even under non-blobby circumstances.

  2. I have a black blob too, will look for or take a pic.

    I think Loki is still too young and lanky to be blobbish.

    Ms Nickel’s markings are indeed remarkable.

  3. Gosh, pure Bengal does work rather well in the Spotblob stakes, doesn’t it? As does Maine Coon (in the ‘blob’ if not the ‘spot’, anyway).

  4. It’s like when you get Gizmo wet in Gremlins… he pops out little furry blogs that turn into other mogwais, who are evil and then eat after midnight to turn into Gremlins.

  5. My cat is a super blob, all he does is sleep and I swear he’ll go 8 hours or so without moving a muscle. You call to him and he just gives you this funny look like, “Hell no.”

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