The Marauder

David, my noodle-brained gardener, has been complaining bitterly that some kinda animal has been eating the tops of his pea plants.

I don’t think I’m going to fink on the probable culprit.

Someone else was quite fascinated.


9 thoughts on “The Marauder

  1. He’s a true professional. All business — bang, whap, dead without a mark. At least that’s how it is when I find mice. But, Chaucer to the contrary, he never eats them.

    Lat take a cat and fostre hym wel with milk
    And tendre flessch and make his couche of silk,
    And lat hym seen a mouse go by the wal,
    Anon he weyvith milk and flessch and al,
    And every deyntee that is in that hous,
    Suich appetit he hath to ete a mous.

    Old Geoffrey C. got all the rest right.

  2. That chipmunk may very well be the culprit, but do you have rabbits thereabouts? They munch peas too. And I have discovered that the cardinals and blue jays are not above a little salad now and then. . .

    Great picture of your cat watching the potential prey. They get so focused.

  3. My big, fat, yellow cat we used to have was way too lazy to hunt anything. No thanks, too much energy. But, whenever he saw a birdie hopping outside he’d start this chirping meowing sound and get all crazy eyed. He only ran when he was scared though, and he was rarely, if ever, scared of anything or anyone.

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