This Goes On For A While

From this site.

The good part starts about half way down, at sea level, right hand side of the image. Watch for it.


13 thoughts on “This Goes On For A While

    • It’s the addition of the Deepwater Horizon to the graphic, showing the appalling scale of that type of drilling project. Appalling to me because it tampers with parts of the planet that, as we have seen, can’t be efficiently reached if something goes wrong. Abyssopelagic?

          • The illustration is wonderful. And I’d be all for mining asteroids if we could get to them, but we can’t, not yet, so we’re mining the sea floor instead. You know how large American plantations used to be worked with enslaved Africans but eventually wound up being worked by vast machines run by one fat guy in air conditioning? Now we mine the sea floor with the oft-proven risk of destroying the sea around it, but eventually will mine asteroids where a broken pipe or drill bit or whatever they use will do no harm at all because all the work is being done in Nature’s very own vacuum cleaner. It just goes to show that over time, life gets better.

          • I’m not sure we’re that apt to get what we want out of asteroids. Life lurches, sometimes it gets better, sometimes it goes straight to hell. I lost any idea of Things Working Out a long time ago. Human beings in general are too stupid, short-sighted and self-centered to get things right except when the species propensity to hero worship periodically focuses on the right hero, that is, one of the few people who can both see beyond the ends of their noses and somehow, despite that, induce their fellow men to admire them. Then for a while people imitate their idol before slipping back into their default positions. Along the way sometimes improvements get a foothold. I don’t think we get better than that.

      • As I am currently on a fruitless quest for a job that will pay my rent AND allow me to eat, I have several afternoons that find me in the Public Library waiting for a computer terminal to become available. While waiting, I am often browsing Scientific American or similar journals with my jaw dropped. Haven’t seen this before though, amazing!

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