Hanging Out With The Clan

Not me. Just this little guy.

I hope he’s not as deluded as the armadillo in the song by Flanders and Swann, who fell in love with a discarded tank.


9 thoughts on “Hanging Out With The Clan

    • I grew up with their songs. Broke my heart that of all the music videos of them on YouTube, the Armadillo wasn’t there.

      I can still sing some of them from end to end…

  1. Flanders and Swann. Another item from the 1970s I had forgotten about since the 1970s. What next? Firesign Theater?

    Why is your fence violet?

    • It’s the neighbor’s fence and it’s violet because of the fairly crappy cell phone camera that was on my hip when I came up the yard and saw Mr. Flutterby.

      Who isn’t paisley…

    • No. Seriously.

      The cell phone camera is crap, and in order to bring up the image at all I ended up with the fence looking mauve. Or violet. In fact it looked even mauver before I fiddled it in a photo program.

  2. Now, I had to come back to this page more than once to realize that the little live butterfly is perched on a piece of garden art that includes a butterfly in it. I must be tireder than I thought.

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