Wild Kingdom, Domestic Version

Before Bird

After bird

I can’t imagine Marlin Perkins had a whole lot more fun than I do hanging out on my sun porch.


19 thoughts on “Wild Kingdom, Domestic Version

  1. Fantastic difference between the 2 pics! He /she had just eaten a bird up or had just seen one? Cat’s eyes, differently from people’s, say less and more (ugh, a bit less to me I’ll admit).

    And the sun porch, so many fond memories of America! Your beautiful American houses, no matter how small or big they are, they ALL are what we call a villa, e.g. a house with a garden around and at least two floors. Here, we all live in apartments, and ‘any’ apartment, no matter how small or big, is not much compared to a villa, whatever its size.

    I see the stiletto woman on the right. She is nice. I once commented. She replied ‘she is not so humble’. I replied ‘I was so humble neither’. But then it ended. I am too busy at the moment, but I might try again.

    • Stiletto is elusive, la nuage.

      Nickel Catmium, the Rechargeable Feline Battery, had merely seen a bird. She didn’t move anything between the two photos except her eyes and ears — the shots were taken about two seconds apart.

      My house and yard are way too big for me. Bizarrely, it was less expensive than a number of other places I looked at — two eighty-ish people wanted to sell and move out of it very quickly. In fact it was the only thing I could afford. Some days I think it’s going to kill me. But I have to love the porch and the wildlife and so do the cats. They even like to watch Mr. Raccoon…

  2. I used to have a cat like that. . .

    I can relate to your comment about the house and yard being too big. Especially today, when I got the tomatoes planted, the onions and asparagus weeded, the rental house carpet clean, etc etc etc. Oh yeah. I did some massage too. Gotta pay the bills somehow.

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